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Kristiania University College (founded 1914) is an educational foundation with campuses in Oslo and Bergen, and online. We are an accredited college with 10,000 students, 500 employees, and currently eight academic departments offering more than 100 programmes. We have had a formidable growth in recent years, and we will continue to expand. Our ambition is to become Norway’s first private university.


As part of our strategic ambitions of growth, and to seek accreditation as a full university, we are reorganising into four schools:

School of Health Sciences
School of Arts, Design, and Media
School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology
School of Communication, Leadership, and Marketing

The School of Arts, Design and Media will offer talent development programmes within performing arts, design, film and media. The School of Communication, Leadership, and Marketing will offer social sciences programmes within leadership, organization, marketing, PR, politics and journalism. The School of Economics, Innovation and, Technology will offer programmes within industrial economics, innovation, business data analytics, information systems, human computer interaction and applied computer science. The School of Health Sciences will offer programmes within preventive and promotional health care.

Each school will be led by a Dean. Reporting to the Rector (President) of Kristiania University College, the Deans will be the chief academic and administrative officers for our new schools. The Deans will be responsible for all educational, research and outreach activities at their respective schools. This includes higher education in all three cycles (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.), as well as ensuring that the academic staff produce scientific and academic research at a high international level and are successful in obtaining funding for research projects. In line with current national educational policy, Kristiania University College has established continued education as a priority. The Deans will be expected to contribute actively to furthering this priority.

The academic requirement for the position is associate professor, preferably full professor. Formal academic competence at professor level may be waived for candidates with particularly high competence and experience within their respective fields.

Substantial senior management experience within higher education or research. Competence and experience with educational and research policy will be valued.

Good track record in research and research management. Experience with applying for and obtaining national and international research funding will be valued, as will a well-developed national and international network.

Proven ability to develop and foster good relationships both internally within his/her own organisation, as well as externally, such as business, public organisations, professional organisations, national agencies, and educational and research institutions.

Experience with developing, coordinating and delivering continued and flexible educational programmes is preferable.

Proficiency at level B1 or higher in a Scandinavian language by August 2019.

Desired start date 
1 August 2019.

Application deadline
4 April 2019.